A Bazooka Bubblegum-Flavored Chocolate Bar?!? It’s Real!

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As an enthusiast of confectionery brand-oddities, I love finding flavor spinoffs and unusual food crossovers.  I recently became aware of one I never thought I’d see, a Bazooka bubblegum-flavored chocolate bar.  Well, to be clear this is a Bazooka bubblegum-flavored bar made of white chocolate and sold by Bazooka’s Israel-based distributor – but it’s still amazing and today it’s my pleasure to share it!

Topps - Bazooka The Atom Bubble Gum - candy package foil wrapper - 1950's

Topps – Bazooka The Atom Bubble Gum – candy package foil wrapper – 1950’s

Bazooka bubblegum was first produced and sold by the Topps company back in the late 1940’s.  The brand would go on to be first marketed in Israel in 1958 and become a longtime success in that country.  Since 2001 the Strauss-Elite company has been the Israel-based manufacturer of Bazooka and their adherence to traditional flavors and packaging for the brand has even made it a popular import back here in the United States.  So today, while Bazooka bubblegum sold in the United States has changed its flavors and retired the traditional comic format, Israel’s Elite Bazooka gum retains them.

In 2013, Strauss-Elite made a bold confectionery move when they produced a Bazooka bubblegum-flavored-and-branded white chocolate bar.  Upon hearing of such a strange crossover last month, I had to track them down.  After a bit of internet searching, soon I had a pair of the bars ordered and on their way from Israel.

I didn’t know quite to expect when I opened them.  I’ve tasted white chocolate mixed with all sorts of unusual flavorings, and I was very curious about this one.

Israel - Strauss-Elite - Bazooka bubblegum-flavor white chocolate bar photo - 2013

Israel – Strauss-Elite – Bazooka bubblegum-flavor white chocolate bar photo – 2013

I can say without a doubt that they nailed it.  That is to say that the flavor of Bazooka gum is exactly what you get when you bite into the bar, with a touch of added sweetness from the white chocolate.  It tastes so much like Bazooka that it’s an odd sensation when it doesn’t start to chew like gum, but rather melts away as a white chocolate bar should.

Does the bubblegum flavor work with white chocolate?  Well, I’ll leave that up to an individual’s tastes.   It definitely earns my award for most unexpected use of bubblegum flavor in a non-gum confection.

Here’s a look at the wrapper:

Israel - Strauss-Elite - Bazooka Joe bubblegum-flavor white chocolate bar wrapper - 2013

Israel – Strauss-Elite – Bazooka Joe bubblegum-flavor white chocolate bar wrapper – 2013

Pretty wild mash-up, don’t you think?

And that’s everything for today’s post on this unusual offering from Israel – the Bazooka Bubblegum-Flavored White Chocolate Bar!

See you next time!

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  1. Jason K. on said:

    That. Is. Amazing!

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