My Year in Collecting: 2017!

While most folks do their 2017 “year in review” type editorials in December or January, mine tend to slip to February and in the case of this year and last, the month of March.  Even so, I’m wonderfully-excited to share the highlights from my previous collecting year, having created a colorful retrospective collage of extra-groovy pieces I’ve added to my archives over the previous twelve months.  Make the jump to check it out!

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Bazooka’s Big Buddy – A “Big Stick” Bubblegum History 1968-1984!

Today’s entry is going to be a big one, and it covers a brand whose history I’ve been chasing down for over a decade.  One of the original “big stick” bubble gum brands, it’s Bazooka’s (and Topps’) Big Buddy!

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1980’s Mountain Chew Bubble Gum – An Unusual Blend of Brand Knockoffs! – Plus’s 6th Anniversary!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  If that’s true, then Philadelphia Chewing Gum was an irrepressible flatterer when they released Mountain Chew in the 1980’s, a bubblegum product that managed to pull inspiration from two iconic brands: Big League Chew and Mountain Dew!

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Canadian Twizzlers’ Twisted Shoutout Artist Edition Packs!

During the Summer of 2017, Hershey’s of Canada released an amazing series of special edition Twizzlers packaging featuring artwork by four talented artists.  This promotion was called Twizzlers Twisted Shout-Outs and resulted in sixteen different striking Twizzlers packs.  Make the jump to check them out!

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FYE and Astor Chocolate’s Food Fight! – Featuring the first chocolate bar that tastes like a McDonald’s french fry!!!

You may not know the name Astor Chocolate but you’ve almost certainly seen their products.  They’ll often produce private label chocolate bars for cities and tourist locations – I featured a pair of their lovely Times Square Toys R Us bars back in 2012.  Lately they’ve been partnering up with the FYE retail chain to create some pretty fun offerings but what they’ve come up with now has knocked my socks off; a group of milk chocolate bars featuring crazy flavor combos called Food Fight!

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Marsettes: Mars’ Mid-Century Answer to Rolo!

Back in 1958, the Mars company introduced a product to the USA market that might sound familiar:  It was a roll of caramel-filled drum-shaped chocolate candies, wrapped in gold foil.  Mars called this new offering Marsettes, and while their time on store shelves was relatively short, it was tasty and colorful.  Make the jump to check it out!

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My Year in Collecting: 2016!

Though it arrives a little later than I’d planned, today I’m excited to present my 2016 “Year in Collecting” retrospective graphical collage.  This is the eighth year in a row that I’ve put one of these together and it’s fun every time I get the opportunity to do it.  Make the jump to check it out!

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Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 with Six New Just Born Boxes!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  While there was a lot of great new Valentine’s seasonal offerings this year, I’ve only time for one post.  I’m choosing to dedicate today’s feature on the six new-for-2017 Just Born boxed Valentine’s seasonal offerings – with three new Mike and Ike and three new Hot Tamales boxes.  Make the jump to check them out!

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The Sears Candy Shop! Plus: The Return of!

Years before I launched, I mounted an effort to create an online archive of vintage Christmas catalogs, like the old Sears Wishbooks.  That vintage Christmas catalog website was and is and this week and I relaunched WishbookWeb with a bundle of all-new features, accessibility, and a brand-new look.  So today I’ll be connecting to that site’s return by first taking a look at Sears’ own in-store retail candy outlet called “The Candy Shop”.  Make the jump to check it out!

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Posted in 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, Chocolate, Christmas, Private Label | Tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | 11 Comments’s 5th Anniversary!! Plus the World Premier of the Lost Big League Chew Flavor: Cola!

Today marks five years exactly since was launched (way back on February 6th, 2012) with a feature retrospective on the Big League Chew brand.   Since then, I’ve penned another 632 articles including the publication of over 6,000 images (many of which were things that had never been seen anywhere else online before).   It’s been a lot of work, but one heck of a fun time doing it.

Since the site launched on the glorious topic of Big League Chew, I thought it appropriate to dedicate today’s anniversary post to the same.  For a long time I’ve been wanting to take a look at the full variety of Big League Chew historical packaging I’ve brought together over the years.  Within this post you will find over 70 different Big League Chew packs represented, along with the world premier unveiling of a previously lost-and-forgotten flavor; Big League Chew Cola!  Make the jump to check it out!

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