Easter Week 2014: Easter Nerds Through the Years – Featuring Doc Hinkles Nerds Shrinkles!


Willy Wonka’s Nerds are one of my all-time favorites and that certainly includes their holiday releases.  In recent years Easter-themed Nerds have taken on the moniker of “Hoppin’” Nerds but that wasn’t always the case.  Today we’re going to look at a range of historical Easter Nerds packaging as well as a strange and officially-licensed early Nerds Easter egg decoration kit!

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Easter Week 2014: The Return of Mike and Ike Easter Treats! Plus: A Little History and a Lotta Jellybeans!

CC_Mike and Ike Easter Treats Return TITLE PLATE

Back in the early 2000′s Just Born released a special Easter edition of their Mike and Ike candies called Mike and Ike Easter Treats.  I wrote about that release here last year and always thought it was a pretty cool one.  So I was extremely delighted when, a few weeks ago,  I was shopping in the Easter candy section of my local Target store and noticed that there was a brand-new version of Mike and Ike Easter Treats.  After a decade away, they’d  made a comeback!

Today I’m excited to look back again at Mike and Ike Easter Treats’ original edition as well as this new one, while also covering some of Just Born’s Easter seasonal jellybean releases from over the years.

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Easter Week 2014: Starburst Jellybeans! (They’ve been around longer than you think!)

CC_Starburst Jellybeans TITLE PLATE

If Halloween is the season of candy corn than Easter must certainly be the season of the jellybean.  It no doubt has to do with how well the colorful confections complement the look of traditionally dyed Easter Eggs.  These days, countless candy brands will release their own branded jellybeans during the lead-up to Easter.  One that has been doing so for longer than you might realize and has also carved out quite a successful niche for itself is Starburst, with its Starburst Jellybeans line! Continue reading

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Easter Week 2014: Hershey’s Eggs Past and Present!

CC_Hershey's Easter Eggs TITLE PLATE

We’re kicking off our week of Easter coverage with a fun look at all the flavorful variations of Hershey’s Eggs currently available on shelves as well a glimpse into packaging for the same, going back to the 1980′s.   So make the jump to check out everything we’ve got on Hershey’s Eggs, past and present! Continue reading

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When Amurol’s Whammo Bubblegum Went Blammo!

CC_Amurol Whammo Blammo Gum TITLE PLATE

Back in the 1970′s the Amurol company, known at the time for their sugarless gum and confectionery products, released a kid-targeted sugarless bubblegum called Whammo.  The gum’s name didn’t stick and within a few years Whammo became Blammo.   Today we’re going to look at both of them and the clues of how one transformed into the other.

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Just Born’s History of Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales Vending Insert Cards!

CC_Just Born Vending Machine insert cards - TITLE PLATE

Getting candy from a vending machine is a profoundly different experience from getting it out of a box or package – it’s meant to be bought and eaten right there.  Oftentimes vending machines are filled with nameless, brandless offerings or colorful one-offs that you might never see again.  But sometimes major brand confectioners market and distribute their well-known products to the vending trade, creating branded vending machine insert cards to identify their products as such.  Today I’d like to share a look at the evolution of the vending machine insert cards for Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales candies through the years!

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Top-Ten Weirdest Flavors of Candies You Love!

CC_Top Ten Weirdest TITLE PLATE

Today we’re going to look at some of the weirdest and most unexpected flavors and brand extensions from classic candies you know and love.  These are some of my favorite things to track down and uncover in the world of candy, and I know you’re going to enjoy seeing them.  Make the jump to check them out!

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Happy National PB&J Day from CollectingCandy.com!!


Earlier this afternoon I was alerted to the fact that today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day!  Well, I couldn’t let the great occasion pass me by so I rapidly searched out a few fun PB&J pieces from the CollectingCandy.com archives and brought them together for today’s post.  Let’s get to them!

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Oddball Flavor Spinoffs Uncovered! Orange Milk Duds and Sweet & Spicy Fun Dip!! [April 1st Warning.]

CC_More Oddball flavors unearthed TITLE PLATE

I’ve often stated that one of my favorite things to uncover and learn about are the little-known extensions and flavor spinoffs from the well-known candy brands we love.  Today, I get to reveal a pair of them that you almost certainly have never heard of before.  From the 1970′s comes a previously unknown member of the fruit-flavored Duds family: Orange Duds.  And from a decade ago, it’s the most unusual Fun Dip flavor you’ve ever seen: Sweet & Spicy Mango with Chili Fun Dip!

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Pangburn’s Trog-Lo-Dytes Action Packs – The MAD Fold-In of Candy Packaging!

CC_Trog-Lo-Dytes TITLE PLATEIn the 1970′s, the Pangburn Company of Fort Worth Texas created a novel bit of pop art paper craft when they came up with the cardboard packaging for their Trog-Lo-Dytes chocolates.   There’s never been anything quite like it in the world of candy packaging before or since, so make the jump to see Pangburn’s unique and unusually-named Trog-Lo-Dytes Action Packs!

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