From out of the 1990′s – Trolli’s Gummi Trolls!

CC_Trolli Trolls TITLE PLATE

Troll dolls were invented by Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam in 1959.  Dam created his first Trolls as a way to provide affordable playthings for his daughter and once her friends saw them, word spread.  Within a few years, Trolls became a worldwide sensation and they would continue to be one through the 1960′s.  The worldwide Troll craze would eventually die down but in the early 1990′s enthusiasm for Trolls would come back bigger than ever. The 1990′s saw all sorts of licensed tie-ins and products featuring the colorfully-haired Troll folk.

One of those 1990′s products was a Troll-shaped gummi candy from the Trolli company.

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From out of the 70′s – Deran’s Caramel Wilds!


Back in the 1970′s the Deran Confectionery Company of Cambridge, Massachusetts had a line of flavored caramels sold under the name Wilds.   Deran’s Wilds disappeared from store shelves decades ago but today I’m happy to be presenting’s exclusive coverage of them  – you won’t find anything written about these anywhere else online.  So let’s get to it and take a look at a sweet treat not seen since the 1970′s: Deran’s Wilds!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from!

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Since launching back in early 2012, we’ve never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day here on  The reason is pretty simple in that St. Patrick’s isn’t a holiday that has much of an association with candy – it’s mostly associated with beer.  So it’s near-impossible to find candy or packaging created specifically for St. Patrick’s as there was never a strong reason to acknowledge it.  But today I’ve got a neat offering from a few years ago that was created specifically to mark St. Patrick’s Day!

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Australia’s 7-Eleven Rocks with Slurpee Shocks!


Back in January I devoted a three part series to the history of branded confectionery offerings from 7-Eleven stores here in the United States.  I made special note of the two versions of Slurpee gum lines that were released in the 1990′s and early 2000′s.   Within those posts I wondered when we might next see a Slurpee-branded confection, not realizing that 7-Eleven Australia had already delivered just that with their Slurpee Shocks!

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Mentos – Then-and-Now and Around-the-World!

CC_Mentos TITLE PLATEThe Mentos brand falls along the outer edge of the core confectionery category that I usually cover here on the site.  In most cases it’s more mint than candy, though sometimes it is a fruit-flavored chew and hence more typically candy.  Ultimately, because they’re such a fun brand and one that’s been around a lot longer than you might expect, I decided it was time to devote some ink and illuminate some of the fun aspects of Mentos!

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The Wombles! Cadbury’s Groovy 1970′s Chocolate Bars!

CC_Wombles_TITLE PLATE_ColorPumpedUPToday I’m taking a look at a series of wrappers released by Cadbury UK in the early-1970′s which featured characters from the classic children’s television show, The Wombles.

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Heath’s 1970′s Super Crunch with NFL Hall-of-Famer Dick Butkus!

CC_Heath Super Crunch TITLE PLATE

Today we’re looking back at a bar first released in 1971 under the Heath brand and whose initial marketing push became intimately tied to fierce linebacker and NFL legend, Dick Butkus.  Let’s take a look at the Heath Super Crunch!

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The Return of A&W and Hawaiian Punch gum! Plus: The Secret History of Hawaiian Punch Candy!

CC_Hawaiian Punch and A&W Gum TITLE PLATE

Starting just over a year ago, Wrigley began introducing new beverage-inspired flavors to it’s Hubba Bubba lineup.   The first two to land in stores were Hubba Bubba Dr. Pepper and Hubba Bubba Orange Crush.  Now arriving early in 2014 are the new Hubba Bubba A&W Root Beer and Hubba Bubba Hawaiian Punch flavors.  Today we’ll take a look at those as well as a few earlier confectionery releases that carried these classic beverage brand names!

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Now in Stores: Orange Creamsicle-Flavored Skittles & Mike and Ikes!

CC_Orange Creme TITLE PLATEVanilla ice cream mixed with orange sherbet (or Creamsicle as it’s popularly known) is one of my all-time favorite frozen treats.  I have fond memories from the summer of 1989, cooling off with Schwan’s version of Creamsicle called Summer’s Dream ice cream – the year when my love of the flavor was cemented.  With my affection for the orange-cream ice cream mix, it should be no surprise that I tend to quickly embrace similarly-flavored confections as well.

Over the last several weeks I was delighted to discover that the orange creme flavor had been incorporated into tasty new editions of two classic brands; Skittles Desserts & Mike and Ike Sweet Paradise!

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Happy Valentine’s Day with Necco’s “Hot Hearts vs. Cool Hearts” and More!

CC_Hot Vs Cold Sweethearts TITLE PLATE

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I’m featuring a pair of Valentine’s releases from Necco that are all-new this year.  The first is a groovy take on their classic Sweethearts conversation hearts candies:  Sweethearts Hot Hearts vs Cool Hearts.  In addition to that I’ll also be showcasing Necco’s innovative new Color-Your-Own Sweethearts as well as a few other conversation heart pieces I’ve picked up since last year.

So get ready for our Valentine’s Day coverage with Sweethearts Hot Hearts vs Cool Hearts!

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