Cold War Russia’s Soviet Uniform Wrappers!

CC_Cold War Russian Uniform TITLE PLATE

I don’t typically cover non-USA material here on  It’s not that I find foreign wrappers unappealing in any way.  In fact, they are often some of the most ornate designs I encounter.  It’s simply that it is more challenging to create the context of how to properly discuss and celebrate them.   In spite of that, I recently acquired a set of Cold War-era Russian wrappers that were so interesting, I had to share.

Dating back to 1976, this set of “Soviet Uniform” wrappers represents an era when Russia and the Soviet Union was a mysterious place to most westerners, myself included.  While I was growing up in the Midwest there was almost no media coming out of the Soviet Union, so my image of it and its people was heavily influenced by popular culture and the movies.  Given that fact, this set of chocolate bar wrappers is particularly fascinating for me to look back at now.

So make the jump to take a peek at some fun confectionery packaging from behind the Iron Curtain!

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It’s So Nice! A Walgreens Private Label Candy Update!

CC_Walgreens Nice 2014 update TITLE PLATE

Today I’m going to revisit a topic I first covered back in March of 2013 – the candy products from Walgreens’ Nice! private label line.

Not long after that initial post, I followed it up with a piece on Walgreens’ Nice! boxed candy assortment.   The boxed assortment appears to have been retired but the peg-bag Nice! candy line continues rolling along.  I’ve picked up a few dozen new pieces since those earlier posts, so it’s the right time to bring them together for an updated look.  Now make the jump to check out today’s Walgreens Nice! private label update!

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Donruss’ Mouth Full Bubble Gum and that Iconic Smiley Face!


Back in the late 1960’s, the Donruss company of Memphis, Tennessee offered up a “slab bubble gum” product to consumers.  Although competitors like Fleer and Topps had similar products on the market, I consider Donruss’ offering notable for its use of the iconic “smiley face” graphic on its packaging.   So make the jump to check out Donruss’ Mouth Full bubble gum!

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Uncovering Thanksgiving’s Forgotten Confectionery Past!

CC_Thanksgiving candy TITLE PLATE

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope you’re all enjoying the day with loved ones, great food and good times.

In spite of the fact that Thanksgiving isn’t known for its confections, I’ve hunted far and wide to come up with a piece of Thanksgiving-themed candy packaging to share, and I’m happy to report that I have succeeded in that quest.  Beyond unveiling that unusual item in today’s post, I’ll also be talking a little bit about the history of Thanksgiving candy – because as I’ve learned, it’s more connected than you might have ever guessed.

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Brach’s Beautiful Fall Chocolate Promotion Packet from 1972!

CC_Brachs 1972 Fall Promotion TITLE PLATE

Since acquiring the files of a former Brach’s salesman earlier this year, I’ve been working to document and preserve everything he saved.   Previously I’ve posted the contents of a 1971 Brach’s Halloween sales packet as well as materials related to Brach’s 1972 Easter promotion.  Today I’m excited to share the various marketing and sales materials used in support of Brach’s 1972 Fall chocolate promotion.  It’s a lot of great stuff, so make the jump to take a look.

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IGA Grocery Stores’ Private Label Confectionery Offerings!

CC_IGA Private Label TITLE PLATEOver the past couple years I’ve touched upon my growing fascination with private label or “store branded” candy offerings, first with Walgreens’ Nice line and later on with 7-Eleven’s own “Select” confectionery products.

Store brand packaging is the kind of thing I used to overlook but now I always try to pick up examples of private labels if I’ve not encountered them before.  Whether that means my confectionery appreciation has deepened far more than I’d ever have imagined or I’ve just become that big of a candy geek, I can’t say, but I can tell you that I’m excited to share the private label offerings from the IGA Grocery chain I discovered earlier this summer!

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A Groovy 1970’s Flashback: Ghirardelli’s Mother Nature Line!

CC_Ghirardellli From Mother Nature TITLE PLATE

Over the last decade, the business of artisanal and organic chocolate has exploded.  With small manufacturers sourcing their own cocoa and adding all sorts of unusual and exotic ingredients to their bars, it’s a great time to be a chocolate lover.  Facing a flurry of that kind of confectionery activity, you might be surprised to learn that these types of things were being done at least as far back as forty years ago.

I recently uncovered a remarkable lineup of all-natural chocolate bars featuring ingredients like wheat germ, soy-nut and oathearts – all released by Ghirardelli (pronounced Gear-Are-Deli) and first put on sale way back in 1974!

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Out of Retirement: Big League Chew Cotton Candy and Strawberry are Back!

CC_BigLeagueChew_CottonCandyOutofRetirement_TITLE PLATE

Big League Chew bubblegum first hit the market back in 1980 and at the time, came in only a single flavor.  Since then, quite a number of flavor extensions have been released with a few of them becoming part of a long-reigning standard Big League Chew assortment like grape and watermelon.   Still other flavors have seen their glory days pass them by and been put into retirement.

Today, I’m happy to report that two previously-retired Big League Chew flavors have made a triumphant return in 2014: Slammin’ Strawberry and Curveball Cotton Candy!

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From 1974 – Clark’s Catchy Clarconut Bar!

CC_ClarksCatchyClarconut_TITLE PLATE

Forty years ago the D.L. Clark company launched what was at the time, their latest version of a chocolate-coated coconut bar.  While the bar itself might not have been revolutionary, mixing the title of their flagship brand with the bar’s main ingredient provided a fun and catchy new name to pitch to consumers:  The Clarconut!

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The Fun & Sophisticated Flavors (and cool packaging) of Chuao Chocolatier!

CC_Chuao Chocolatier - Ten Bar - TITLE PLATE

Though the focus of tends to be mainstream brands and candy history, I still put an effort to keep up with the new stuff from smaller manufacturers.  Every so often one of those products really catches my eye and requires deeper investigation.  Such was the case when I came across the impressive chocolate bar offerings of Chuao Chocolatier.

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