Top-Ten Weirdest Flavors of Candies You Love!

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Today we’re going to look at some of the weirdest and most unexpected flavors and brand extensions from classic candies you know and love.  These are some of my favorite things to track down and uncover in the world of candy, and I know you’re going to enjoy seeing them.  Make the jump to check them out!

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Happy National PB&J Day from!!


Earlier this afternoon I was alerted to the fact that today is National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day!  Well, I couldn’t let the great occasion pass me by so I rapidly searched out a few fun PB&J pieces from the archives and brought them together for today’s post.  Let’s get to them!

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Oddball Flavor Spinoffs Uncovered! Orange Milk Duds and Sweet & Spicy Fun Dip!! [April 1st Warning.]

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I’ve often stated that one of my favorite things to uncover and learn about are the little-known extensions and flavor spinoffs from the well-known candy brands we love.  Today, I get to reveal a pair of them that you almost certainly have never heard of before.  From the 1970′s comes a previously unknown member of the fruit-flavored Duds family: Orange Duds.  And from a decade ago, it’s the most unusual Fun Dip flavor you’ve ever seen: Sweet & Spicy Mango with Chili Fun Dip!

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Pangburn’s Trog-Lo-Dytes Action Packs – The MAD Fold-In of Candy Packaging!

CC_Trog-Lo-Dytes TITLE PLATEIn the 1970′s, the Pangburn Company of Fort Worth Texas created a novel bit of pop art paper craft when they came up with the cardboard packaging for their Trog-Lo-Dytes chocolates.   There’s never been anything quite like it in the world of candy packaging before or since, so make the jump to see Pangburn’s unique and unusually-named Trog-Lo-Dytes Action Packs!

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When Bubblegum met Taffy, Things Got Baffy!


Mixing bubblegum and taffy might seem like a bit of a redundant concept – they’re both a chewable confection, after all.  But back in 1986, novelty bubblegum manufacturer Amurol did just that when they introduced Baffy, the “taffy that turns into bubble gum”.

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American Candy’s 1970′s Disney Hard Candy Lineup!

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Early last year I published a piece on the souvenir candy packaging that is often available at Disney theme parks.  It was a lot of fun showcasing the pieces I had for that and it reminded me that there has been quite a lot of Disney candy over the years licensed for sale at standard retail.  One of the companies that was in the licensed Disney candy business for decades was American Candy Co.   Today I’ll be looking at American Candy’s Disney hard candy lineup first launched in 1977.

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From out of the 1990′s – Trolli’s Gummi Trolls!

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Troll dolls were invented by Danish woodcutter Thomas Dam in 1959.  Dam created his first Trolls as a way to provide affordable playthings for his daughter and once her friends saw them, word spread.  Within a few years, Trolls became a worldwide sensation and they would continue to be one through the 1960′s.  The worldwide Troll craze would eventually die down but in the early 1990′s enthusiasm for Trolls would come back bigger than ever. The 1990′s saw all sorts of licensed tie-ins and products featuring the colorfully-haired Troll folk.

One of those 1990′s products was a Troll-shaped gummi candy from the Trolli company.

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From out of the 70′s – Deran’s Caramel Wilds!


Back in the 1970′s the Deran Confectionery Company of Cambridge, Massachusetts had a line of flavored caramels sold under the name Wilds.   Deran’s Wilds disappeared from store shelves decades ago but today I’m happy to be presenting’s exclusive coverage of them  – you won’t find anything written about these anywhere else online.  So let’s get to it and take a look at a sweet treat not seen since the 1970′s: Deran’s Wilds!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from!

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Since launching back in early 2012, we’ve never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day here on  The reason is pretty simple in that St. Patrick’s isn’t a holiday that has much of an association with candy – it’s mostly associated with beer.  So it’s near-impossible to find candy or packaging created specifically for St. Patrick’s as there was never a strong reason to acknowledge it.  But today I’ve got a neat offering from a few years ago that was created specifically to mark St. Patrick’s Day!

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Australia’s 7-Eleven Rocks with Slurpee Shocks!


Back in January I devoted a three part series to the history of branded confectionery offerings from 7-Eleven stores here in the United States.  I made special note of the two versions of Slurpee gum lines that were released in the 1990′s and early 2000′s.   Within those posts I wondered when we might next see a Slurpee-branded confection, not realizing that 7-Eleven Australia had already delivered just that with their Slurpee Shocks!

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