New for 2015: Cost Plus World Market’s Halloween Bridebar and Frankenbar!

CC_WorldMarketFrankenstein_TITLE PLATEB

Though I haven’t written much about them here, Cost Plus World Market carries a wonderful breadth and depth of candy products at their stores. [Note: I have devoted an episode of The Candy Geek to a visit to Cost Plus’ wonderful candy section.]  Not only does World Market carry a great selection of “retro” candy but they also have a nice array of imported treats.  What I didn’t expect out of World Market was that they’d put out a pair of cool, fully-licensed Universal Monsters chocolate bars.   Make the jump to check them out!

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M&M/Mars’ 2003 Halloween Lineup Sales Catalog!

CC_M&M_Mars_2003_Halloween Season Catalog TITLE PLATEB

Jumping back to 2003, today I’ll be sharing a product catalog put out by MasterFoods, a distribution arm of the M&M/Mars company.   This catalog covers a range of the Halloween candy that Mars was offering that year with a special highlight on their licensing agreement for the cartoon series, Dexter’s Laboratory.  Make the jump to check it out!

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New for 2015: A Twizzlers Halloween Frankenstein Redesign!

CC_Twizzlers Frankenstein Redesign TITLE PLATE WIPB

It should come as no surprise that when you run a website called, you spend a lot of time exploring and studying the contents of the candy isle.  Do that long enough and you start to pick up on even subtle packaging design changes, even if you don’t realize immediately just what those changes might be.

Such was the case when I saw the return of one of my favorite new releases from last year, the Frankenstein’s Monster Halloween packaging for Twizzlers Twists.  At first glance it looked the same as last year but after a moment it seemed somehow not-the-same.  Turns out, in its return this year the Twizzlers Halloween Frankenstein packaging got a significant visual overhaul.  Make the jump to check it out!

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Nestle’s 1970’s Halloween Treats Newspaper Ads!

CC_Nestle 1970's Newspaper Halloween TITLE PLATE_A

Jumping back to the mid-1970’s for today’s Countdown-to-Halloween post, I wanted to share a pair of vintage ads promoting Halloween treats from Nestle.  Make the jump to check them out!

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Russell Stover’s Billion Dollar Halloween Bars!

CC_Russell STover Billion Dollar Bars TITLE PLATEB

There are certain seasonal candy items you see on store shelves year after year and as they become linked to the holiday, encountering them can become celebratory and comforting, like seeing an old friend.   For the Halloween holiday season, Reese’s Pumpkins come to mind – they are a delicious old friend who visits every year.

For the past few Holiday seasons I’ve been taking note of a newly-familiar offering, Russell Stover’s Billion Dollar Halloween bars.  Make the jump to check them out!

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Flashback with Leaf’s 1973 Halloween Candy Sales Brochure!

CC_Leaf 1973 Halloween TITLE PLATE_wBadge

Today I’m pleased to share a wonderful piece of candy history that you won’t see anywhere else.  It’s a sales brochure from 1973 that was sent out to candy salesmen to help them sell Leaf brand product to their retail clients.  It’s a wonderful array of vintage candy goodness you won’t find anywhere else, so make the jump to check it out.

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New for 2015: Just Born Serves up a Trio of Awesome Halloween Boxes!

CC_Just Born 2015 Halloween New TITLE PLATEB

Over the last several years, Just Born has been on a roll, introducing refreshed versions of their main line packaging across-the-board.  And where these updates have really shined has been in their seasonal offerings.

This year, they’ve outdone themselves with a trio of fun new box designs that combine for some of the best of Halloween 2015.  Make the jump to take a closer look!

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Kicking off our Countdown To Halloween with Zombie Mouth Bubblegum!

CC_Zombie Mouth CollectingCandy TITLE PLATE WIPB

Today kicks off our official Countdown to Halloween coverage for 2015, and we’ve got a lot to show you this year.  It should be noted that this first seasonal post is a different kind of entry for as, rather than delving into the topic of a classic confectionery treat or a current Halloween item, we’re going to discuss a potential new spooky treat that we conceived of ourselves and hope to launch through the Kickstarter crowdfunding community: Zombie Mouth Bubblegum!

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1989’s “Now Plumper” Nerds! Plus: Hot and Cool Nerds Revisited!!


Hi all!  Going to be kicking off our Halloween programming at the half-way point of October this year rather than our traditional month-long coverage.  I’ll explain more on that tomorrow (Spoiler: We’re trying to launch a new bubblegum!) but today I wanted to share an exciting non-Halloween-related post before we get to the spooky stuff.

Today, I’m excited to cover the four flavor assortments of Willy Wonka’s Nerds that were released during the late 80’s “Now! Plumper” campaign, with a special emphasis on the legendary Nerds Hot and Cool flavor!

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A Century of History for Ghirardelli’s (and Tjerrild’s) Chocolate Flicks!


Flicks chocolate wafer candies are a treat that should be well-known to those who grew up on the West Coast of the United States but for people outside of that part of the country they probably won’t be so familiar.

While their earliest origins are said to date back to the late 1800’s, the candy allegedly didn’t get its name until 1904 with the trademark for “Flicks” not registering until 1915, exactly one century ago.   So on the 100th anniversary of that trademark registration, I wanted to take a look back at some of the colorful packaging and history of the Flicks brand.  Make the jump to check it out.

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