Brach’s 1972 “Share a Little Love” Valentine’s Day Promotion!

CC_Brachs 1972 Valentine Salesman packet TITLE PLATE

For today’s pre-Valentine’s Day post, I’ll be sharing a Brach’s candy salesman promotional packet created in support of their 1972 “Share a Little Love” campaign.  It’s a terrific and unique look into our confectionery past and it follows up a few other Brach’s salesman packet offerings I’ve shared in the last year.  Make the jump to check it out!

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Our 550th Post! Plus Our Biggest Video Announcement Ever!


Today marks’s 550th post!  Hooray!

It’s a big number and comes on the heels of the site’s third anniversary just last week.  With that in mind, we’ve decided to use the occasion to announce a major new endeavor spinning out of  The announcement comes in the form of a video (for reasons which will be obvious upon viewing said video). So make the jump and check it out!

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The (Nearly) Definitive History of Nestle’s Choco’Lite! — Plus:’s Third Anniversary!

CC_Choco'Lite Warhol - TITLE PLATE

Today is special to me as it marks the Third Anniversary of – first launched on February 6th, 2012.  And while I wasn’t able to program a week-long anniversary celebration as I did last year, I have endeavored to bring a few especially fun pieces together this week, concluding with today’s post on the history of Nestle’s Choco’Lite bar.

This is one I’m especially excited to share as it represents the culmination of years of hunting for (and finding) little grains of historical information along the way.  There are still Choco’Lite promotions and pieces I haven’t turned up material for, so this isn’t as complete as I’d like, but it’s awfully close.  So make the jump to check out the (nearly) definitive history of Nestle’s Choco’Lite!

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The Surprising Candy of Howard Johnson’s!

CC_Howard JohnsonsTITLE PLATE

I’ll often talk about how much I enjoy branded candy packaging that comes from unusual sources like private label or “store brands”.  These aren’t your typical Hershey or Mars offerings in that you can only find them at specific retail outlets, so even in the modern age they can remain quite regionalized and hard to find.

Howard Johnson’s is one such unusual source of branded confections, but it stands out due to its especially rich history.  You see, Howard Johnson’s is one of a select group of businesses that is inevitably intertwined with the history and romance of what is known as “Roadside America” as well as a period when coffee shops and diners ruled the land.  So make the jump to check out the surprising candy of Howard Johnson’s!

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1997’s Cadbury Spice Girls Chocolate Bars!

CC_Cadbury Spice Girls TITLE PLATE

Today I’m flying back to the heady days of the mid-1990’s to take a look at the confectionery output of the pop-culture musical phenomenon known as The Spice Girls!  Make the jump to check it out.

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Superbowl 2015 and the Collation Conundrum! (plus a little NFL Snickers history)

CC_Superbowl 2015 TITLE PLATE

Once again it’s Super Bowl Sunday and for the third year in a row I’ll be featuring Snickers NFL Minis and their team wrappers!  Make the jump to check them out.

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The Return of Mike and Ike Cotton Candy and Root Beer Float Flavors!

CC_Mike and Ike Root Beer Cotton Candy Return TITLE PLATE

It’s been an exciting month in the world of candy already and the fun keeps on rolling as today I get to share the news that Mike and Ike Cotton Candy and Root Beer Float flavors are returning!   Not seen on shelves for over a decade, these past favorites follow on the heels of Just Born’s previous relaunches of the Lem and Mel and Cherry and Bub flavors back in 2012.  I’ve got a tasty bit of history on these two to share, so make the jump to check it out!

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For Snowpocalypse 2015 – Snowman Wrappers!

CC_Snowpocalpypse 2015 TITLE PLATE

Yesterday, the northeast United States braced for what threatened to be an unprecedented belting of snow and wind.  Here in New York City traffic was halted, mass transit was suspended, schools were closed and grocery stores were raided by consumers prepping for “Snowpocalpyse” 2015.  And while New York City’s weather arrived with more of a whimper than a roar, some areas still got hit pretty hard.

To mark this occasion I thought it would be fun to feature a few Snowman wrappers from my collection.  After all, what makes a snow day more fun than a festive snowman?  Make the jump to check them out.

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A Remarkable Wrapper Array for Wonka’s Randoms Gummies!

CC_Wonka Randoms TITLE PLATE

Nestle-Wonka introduced their Randoms gummies product to the USA marketplace early last year.  The concept was simple and appealing: the shapes and assortment of the gummy candies in each package would be “random” creating an “endless gummy variety”.   If you’ve tried them, you’ve probably noted the truth in that claim – there really are a quite a variety of gummy shapes you can find in a package of  Wonka Randoms.

But what you may not have noticed is that Wonka decided to have a little extra fun with this “endless variety” concept, because instead of a single package design, they’ve released a variety.   Each version of Wonka Randoms packages features images of different gummy candies on it.  Make the jump to check them out!

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The History and Triumphant Return of Crispy M&M’s!


After vanishing from American store shelves for the last decade, Mars has brought Crispy M&M’s back from the grave.  I first spotted their newly-minted bright green packages a month ago and by now they should be available across the country.

The return of a long-discontinued product is quite the confectionery occasion and one I wanted to acknowledge and herald here on the site.  But more than simply celebrating their return, I’ll be taking a look at the history and global scope of M&M’s Crispy through the various packages I have in my collection.  It’s colorful journey, so make the jump to check it out!

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